Eurofurence 17 - "It's OK, I'm a lesbian too"

I didn't get around to typing this up when I had just returned from my trip to Germany, as I realised I hadn't been socialising as much as I should.
So ontop of the things that had been piling up over the last two weeks, and the terribly mess I left my flat in, I've been doing my best to give people the attention they deserve.

For my first week in Germany I went hiking with Richard and two other guys, in a very pretty area around Wippra. Wooded hills everywhere, little brooks, etc.
We went to a dam early on, a lake formed behind it. Where we saw a turtle. We wondered how it would survive winter.
Spent a lot of time hiking. Though not as much as I feel we should have .. but .. well, most of us were horribly out of shape. :P
One time Richard and I and Indie his german sheppard were about an hour and a half along, when it started raining a lot. Which may sound like a bad thing, but it kept all the bugs away, and after briefly hiding under an old and very large tree we decided to just keep walking.
I was dumb and had put my clothes on again, as I was getting cold before the rain started, and Richard was smart and hiked until it stopped raining, then some more so he dried up again. Oh, I didn't mention; nude hiking. Surprisingly relaxing and just plain nice. Except for the bugs.

The cabin wasn't much to write home about, but it had limited amount of hot water.
After seven days, Watani dropped me off at a little town where I caught a train to Eurofurence.

An hour and a half later, I arrived in Magdeburg, and two minutes later I was on-site.
Great location! Very nice atmosphere.
I loved the Piano Bar, and Naut introduced me to Pink Connections. It might be a very gay looking cocktail, but damn is it tasty!

It was great catching up with old friends and acquaintances and I enjoyed meeting plenty of new people as well. Though only some of their names stuck around in my brain. :P
( Love you, dutch guy with awesome english accent on whose lap I was briefly drunkenly stretched out on! I'd love to learn your name. :P )
I've even met someone whom I hadn't spoken to for 10 to 12 years. And after a while I remembered his name and some tiny fragments of what we used to talk about. Derp!

Did some things I shouldn't have, did some things I should have done ages ago, refrained from doing some things and I'm glad for it, refrained from doing other things and regretted it.
Over all, it was a blast! My thanks to everyone who's made my time at EF just that much more enjoyable by hanging out / talking / whatevering with me. :)

Some random quotes from EF:
"Open the door. Get on the floor. Everyone walk the dinosaur."
"Need I remind you, that you're lesbian. *shifts gaze* And that you're gay?"

P.S. The discoball was awesome, and my favourite prop was the 5-panel suspended dragon, and the wobbly warm light that was on that. *stares and sighs wistfully*

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You Are a Lynx

You are a quiet observer of the world around you. Your wisdom comes from listening carefully.

You've always been extra sensitive and aware. And it's made it difficult for you to fit in.

You see past people's outward personas. You are able to penetrate a stranger's soul.

What you've learned about people is both beautiful and ugly. And you keep these secrets to yourself.

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So shortly after posting that last LJ post I caught that horrible flu that was going around I just plain lost three days somewhere along the way. x.x
I'm still a bit coughy but mostly better.

Just in time for the family xmas dinner!
So now I am stuff and very drunk!
Will respond to your kind messages in the morning for that very reason. *hic!* :D


I heard three or four loud thumps followed by the sound of shattering glass and someone yelling for help in the flat's hallway, Saturday evening.
I didn't really think, but just grabbed the nearest heavy object, which happened to be a a rather hefty metal bar from my vacuum cleaner and ran downstairs without even putting my shoes on.

I found the girl who lives on the ground-floor and her mum being pushed around and hit by the girl's ex-boyfriend and his cousin, after they had kicked the hallway door and their house door in.

There was a lot of yelling and pushing when I came to their aid, but after trying to defuse the situation, they both just turned on me and proceeded to beat the stuffings out of me.
I blocked a few punches and hit the ex-boyfriend person on the head with the bar once, really hard, but it didn't slow him down much and I went down fast.

Overall, while the women were happy someone actually responded to their cries for help, I'd have to put it down as a fail.

Cut lips, cracked nose-bone, bunch of bruises and small cuts (from glass) and a bunch of lumps on my head was all I got for my trouble.

The guys got away, but were arrested five minutes later.
Pressed charges, busy finding out how much money I can get from the bastards.
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Bedtime story for Blackferret

Once upon a time there was a ferret Princess.
She lived in an island Kingdom and had everything her heart desired, save perhaps the ability to leave the island.
The ferret-kingdom's was in a funny state of affairs, largely due to the ferret species' overriding curiosity of what would happen if you smash things into other things just -so-.
This explains why the ferret kingdom's navy was such a huge failure, and why leaving the island was a tad problematic for the Princess, for sooner rather than later a rather interesting looking jagged rock or cliff would present itself to the short-lived captains of the nation.

Today was the day of the Festival of the Moon. The Moon is big and shiny, so naturally everyone wanted to have it. And hide it away behind something. Or possibly smash it into something else, just to see what would happen.
But it wasn't night quite yet; the Kingdom was abuzz with activity and chatter as the people prepared for the festival.
While the Princess did love the Moon, because it -is- awfully shiny, she craved one thing more than the Moon.
Which was to leave the island, and see the big wide world. For if it was anything near as shiny as the sparkling waves around the island, it would be a grand place indeed!
Her father, King Dooker the Third was a sensible old ferret, and naturally forebode her to board the regular ships that left the harbour, which headed for almost certain doom.
Still, he hoped that one day a ship would return, with news of other islands, which could be colonized. Or smashed into.

When Dusk finally approached, the incoming Tide that danced around her toes as she walked along the beach also welcomed the Moon, and as she gazed up at it, it gazed back, realising her plight.
And just then a whisper on the wind was carried to her ears - "Where-ever my reflection graces the Sea, you shall be able to walk." it said.
The ferret Princess gazed around, thinking it to be an other mean trick her brother was playing on her.
But when she carefully lifted a slender foot and placed it on the Moon's reflection she found the water to be solid and smooth, though still just as cold.

By the time the Festival of the Moon was in full motion, the Princess had gather the two handsomest lads she could find, along with some warm slippers and all the food and water the lads could carry.
For it would be unseemly for a Princess to carry things on her back.

And off they set, walking on the Moon, crossing the Sea.

...and thus ends the tale of how ferret-kind finally spread all over the world, testing the elasticity of all things fragile.

(By Robert Grinwis, 12 March 2008)

ferretsworld thought it was sweet enough to draw some pictures of. If you feel the same, I would love to see them. :)
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I've decided that I do not like weather-forecasts.
Instead of being caught in the rain, I'll end up knowing in advance that I'll be caught in the rain.

Also, my two year old videocard that had been glitching for a while finally went to sow the Elysian fields.
Luckily it was in it's warranty period still, so I got a 125 euro refund on it.
So now I have a nifty ASUS EN8800 GTS [more abbreviations go here] which makes games be pretty and fast.
Unfortunately, videocards now require lots of amperage on the 12 volt line, so I had to buy a horrendously expensive powerunit to go with it. :(

I miss Kimba.
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Hello Livejournal!
Long time no see.

Since last time we spoke, I have gotten a job as a bicycle messenger, which I quite like.
The thing is, part of one of my regular routes takes me through the neighbourhood where I grew up.
Nostalgia abound!
While most of the place still looks the same, there was one change which saddened me - they removed The Sandbox and replaced it with some climby contraption.
Me, my brother and the childhood friend we still see from time to time have a lot of memories of that sandbox. Ah well. Things change, right, Livejournal?

I noticed that the house I was born in was for sale, aswell. I decided not to buy the piece of crap appartment.